Celestial Heritage

Armor of God

Here you will be introduced to a unique painting which can become very personal and inspirational for you and your missionary.

This painting was created by Doc digitally (in the computer) specifically for the purpose of allowing him to insert the face of any individual.

All you have to do is to download the instructions on how to pose and photograph your loved one, which by-the-way is not difficult at Armor of God Paintingall, and then place your order and email the photos to us.

It's really quite simple and painless and we'll walk you through the whole process right here.

The Photographs

First of all the photographs... every worthwhile thing you acquire in life will require some effort, and most everyone who purchases one of these images agrees that it is worthwhile, and will become a cherished and priceless family heirloom... So, the photographs are going to take a little effort.

Don't be discouraged though, it's not difficult. So before you place your order you will need to download and read through the instructions on how to take the pictures of your missionary. Just click this icon to get them.

click here for photographing instructions

Placing Your Order

Well, once you've taken your pictures you're ready to place your order. There are two steps to that process:

Step 1: Send us your photos.

Step 2: Click on the "Add to Cart" button below to pay for your order.

How to send your photographs:

When you click on this button a standard email will appear -- simply put your name in the subject box and attach your photos.

It is best not to exceed 10MB (ten Megabytes) when attaching your photographs, so you may need to send several emails.

You will already be aware after reading the instructions how many photos you will need to send. So, if you're ready to send them, just click here.

Click here to send photos

Pay for your order:

Just click on this button to make your payment of $69.95. You will be able to pay with a credit card or with PayPal. You will also be able to include any special instruction if you need to.

Here's what you get for your payment:

Your order will include digital image files of your finished print in the following sizes:


Wallet size (2.25" by 3")

5" by 7"

8" by 10" close view

10" by 8" full view

11" by 14" close view

14" by 11" full view

16" by 20" close view

20" by 16" full view

You will also receive a "Permission Letter" which when presented to the printer, will ease any concerns they may have about any kind of copyright infringements.

Well, that's all there is to it.

Once your order has been received you will get an email letting you know it is being processed.

Thank you for your order and we wish we could see your face when you see your missionary in this painting.